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360 Degrees - Day & Night Blends


From Sunrise to Sunset and every hour in between, these signature blends are unisex mists for day and night use. Symbolically blended to bring you more of what you need, using only natural and organic ingredients. These blends are individually handmade to energetically improve and enhance your life by InfiniteU and they contain floral waters, essential oils and crystals.

*No fragrance, no synthetics or alcohol.

There are 8 in the collection, choose which you feel most drawn to and you can continue to add to your set. If you do purchase all 8, It's as easy as choosing the blend you feel most drawn to based on the colour, scent, name or your intuition. We recommend shuffling your 8 cards like an oracle set and work with that blend for the day 

Use: Close your eyes, hold the spray straight above your head. Spray 1-3 times, feel free to spray yourself personally or spray the environment and space you spend time in. Use with positive intention and mindfulness, Further Description on your card unique to each blend is provided.

Content: 30ml + Description card 


Motivate - Stimulating and sweet blend, Oils of sandalwood, Vetiver & Citrus creating a supporting and uplifting blend. Crystals of Red Garnet and Jasper helping to activate your base chakra and life force energy.

Inspire - Uplifting and invigorating with oils of Lemongrass and Citrus. Crystals of Carnelian, helping you to restore vitality and creativity.

Focus - Priority and purpose with Oils of Citrus bliss and cinnamon. Crystals of Citrine and tiger eye to help with optimism, cleansing and energizing your energy.

Balance - Uplifting and grounding with oils of peppermint and sandalwood. Clear quartz crystals and green aventurine, helping you to find clarity. Opening and clearing your heart chakra.

Express - Safe and supported, oils of lavender and chamomile. Turquoise crystals to help with expressing the throat chakra so you feel re-aligned within your energy.

Unwind - Relax and slow down with Oils of vetiver, sandalwood and frankincense, Crystals of Amethyst to allow spiritual connection and protection. Helping to balance your crown chakra.

Connect - Come together and awaken with Oils of Rose Geranium, Neroli & Patchouli. Rose quartz crystals, the stone of love. helping you to connect with your own heart chakra and self love

Clear - From negative to positive with oils of sage, rosemary and citrus. Crystals of Black tourmaline, giving you psychic protection and grounding.