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Apophyllite/Stilbitw cluster APE21

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Spiritual Connection & Calming

The perfect stone to connect with your higher self & universal energies

  • Apophyllite is a powerful vibrational transmitter that connects with the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.
  • Apophyllite brings calming energies to the mind and body, which is helpful for releasing mental blocks, negative thought patterns, past trauma and unresolved emotional wounds. 
  • Apophyllite will bring clarity, awareness and can bring recognition to ones true self. 
  • Zeolite is a reiki stone and powerful energy transmitter. It is helpful in attuning you to energies around you. 
  • Stilbite is a highly creative and compassionate stone and its soothing vibrations can be felt upon touch. 

Weight: 3.44kg  approx  

Size: 22x22cm approx.