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Apophyllite/Zeolite Box 1.2-1.5kg

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This Box pack includes different clusters comprising of various minerals including apophyllite, stilbite, heulandite, quartz, calcite, Mordenite and other zeolites.

Apophyllite is a powerful vibrational transmitter connecting with the third eye and crown chakras to aid in our connection to a higher self and universal energies.  Apophyllite brings calming energies to the mind and body and can be helpful for releasing mental blocks and negative thought patterns, past trauma or unresolved emotional wounds. A stone to bring clarity and awareness, apophyllite can bring recognition to one’s true self.

Zeolite is a reiki stone and a powerful energy transmitter, helpful for attuning you to the other energies around you. A powerful meditation stone, zeolite helps you to visualise, manifest and bring deeper thoughts and understanding. A powerful heart-chakra stone known for its ability to be gentle on delicate hearts, the nurturing and calming energy of zeolites gracefully heals emotional wounds providing inner peace and emotional healing.

A stone known for its ability to be gentle on delicate hearts, the nurturing and calming energy of stilbite gracefully heals emotional wounds. Stilbite bestows a heart-mind connection, allowing you to 'think with your heart' and feel safe doing so. Inspiring intuitive powers, this stone helps to channel deep inner passion and open up the heart to new human connection, emotional connection and universal vibrations of love.

Sample image only. Approximately 9 to 12pcs

Box Size: 24cm x 17cm
Origin: North India
Weight: 1.2KG to 1.5kg