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Now in two locations.📍166 Montague St, South Melbourne VIC 3205.📍Unit 7/94 Eucumbene Dr, Ravenhall VIC 3023.
Now in two locations.📍166 Montague St, South Melbourne VIC 3205.📍Unit 7/94 Eucumbene Dr, Ravenhall VIC 3023.

Crystals & Astrology Workshop with Adam Barralet 6th June Thursday 6pm

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Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with our electrifying Crystals and Astrology Workshop!

 Thursday 6th June at 6pm - Aus Crystals South Melbourne

Dive into the enchanting world where celestial energies meet earthly wonders! Let Mother Nature be your guiding light as you harness the power of crystals to conquer any cosmic challenge that comes your way! Join us on a thrilling journey to uncover the perfect crystals tailored to your star sign! From Aries to Pisces, unleash your inner cosmic warrior with crystals specially selected to amplify your strengths and shield you from celestial storms! But wait, there's more! Explore the mystical allure of crystals attuned to every New Moon, Full Moon, and retrograde! Let the rhythm of the universe harmonise with your soul as you embrace the transformative energy of these celestial events! Don't miss out on this cosmic odyssey! Reserve your spot now and embark on a magical adventure that will illuminate your path to cosmic enlightenment!



Adam Barralet, the true rock star of the crystal community, has forged a lifelong bond with the natural world since his early days. Raised amidst the untamed beauty of Western Australia's hills, he has nurtured an unwavering passion for the Earth's wonders. Living around the world through the years has gifted him with a tapestry of experiences, allowing him to glean insights from diverse landscapes and wildlife.


With a crystal clutched in hand, anointed in essential oils and the Moon as his steadfast companion, Adam delves into ancient wisdom that was once commonplace to our ancestors, seeking to unearth age-old secrets that can guide us in this modern era. His commitment to nature is unwavering, as he channels the essence of old ways into our contemporary lives.


As an international author, educator and Wellness Advocate, Adam seamlessly weaves together the powers of crystals, essential oils, angels, animal guides, tarot and astrology. Through his dynamic and heartfelt approach, he empowers individuals worldwide to embrace the enchantment of nature and rediscover its profound gifts. Let Adam Barralet be your beacon, guiding you to unlock the hidden messages that the universe eagerly wishes to impart.

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