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Energy Clearing Spray


Blended to bring you a spark of life by clearing your personal energy and the energy of any space you spend time in. 

Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Sage & Lemon, together with clear quartz and black tourmaline acting as your shield, helping you to clear any negative energy within your aura and space. The combined 9 essential oils work together to uplift, clear, restore, refresh and bring balance and harmony.

This blend is fresh, alive, active and stimulating. Working with you to eliminate negative energy and create positive feelings within your mind, body & thoughts.

Use: Spray around your body and above your head, also spraying into a room or space as needed. By clearing that which no longer belongs, it realigns and helps clear outdated energies that are causing you to be stagnant, allowing you to move forward in life.

Enjoy, created with love and laughter and positive energy