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  • Mixed Tumbled 1KG

    Assorted crystals. Approximately 80 to 90 tumbled stones in 1 kg.
  • Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled 1KG

    Rainbow Moonstone is effective in calming the emotions, its is believed to soothe emotional instability and stress. This stone is filled with receptive, passive, and feminine energy. Moonstone fosters happiness,...
  • Opalite Tumbled 1KG

    Opalite is a man-made crystal. Opalite is a subtle yet highly energetic stone. It is the ideal stone for meditation. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. Approximately...
  • Laplis Lazuli Tumbled 1KG

    Lapis Lazuli stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work and psychic abilities, facilitating spiritual journeying and stimulates personal and spiritual power. It is believed to be strongly linked with the third...
  • Carnelian Tumbled 1KG

    Carnelian is a grounding stone and is said to anchor you into the present reality. It is believed to restore vitality, motivation and for stimulating creativity. It is also thought...
  • Clear Quartz Tumbled 1kg

    Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing stone and energy amplifier. This stone raises to the highest possible level. Excellent Quality Clear Quartz Tumbled from Brazil. Approximately 100 to 120...
  • Amethyst Tumbled 1kg

    High Quality medium size Amethyst Tumbled from Brazil. Amethyst is said to aid with visualization and meditation, it is a very powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration....
  • Amazonite Tumbled 1KG

    Approximately 75 stones per bag. Amazonite is a mint green to aqua green stone said to be of truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust. It is said to enhance intuition,...
  • White Howlite Tumbled 1KG

    Howlite is a wonder stone for calming upset states of mind and emotion. Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation. Howlite...
  • Picture Jasper Tumbled 1KG

    Picture Jasper is a form of Jasper. It is said to be a grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection to the earth. It promotes feelings of responsibility towards...
  • Sodalite Tumbled 1KG

    Sodalite unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception, bringing information from higher mind down to the physical level. Approximately 60 to 80 stones per bag.
  • Dalmation Jasper Tumbled 1KG

    Dalmatian Jasper appeals to the child within us all, fortifying the spirit and encouraging a sense of playfulness. It is particularly beneficial for those who are overly analytical, returning some...
  • Selenite Tumbled 1KG

    These amazing A Grade Polished Selenite Tumbled Stones from Morocco are approximately 60 to 80 stones per bag.
  • Yellow Jasper Tumbled 1KG

    Yellow Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer, its is believed to sustain and support you in times off stress and brings tranquility and wholeness. Yellow Jasper offers protection during...
  • Coloured agate Tumbled 1KG

    Agate is a grounding stone, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Agate is believed to aid in centering and stabilizing physical energy. Approximately 90 to 100 stones per...
  • Aquamarine Tumbled 1kg

    Aquamarine is a blue-green stone and is from Brazil. This is the stone to help you be in touch with your spiritual being. This stone is used in deep meditations....
  • Clear Quartz Tumbled 1KG Large

    Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing stone and energy amplifier. This stone raises to the highest possible level. Excellent Quality Clear Quartz Tumbled from Brazil. Approximately 50 to 60...
  • Kambaba Jasper Tumbled 1KG

    Kambaba Jasper, sometimes called Green Stromatolite Jasper, contains swirls and orbs of deep green and black; one of the more exotic Jaspers. It contains the earliest records of life on...
  • Shivalingham Tumbled 1KG

  • Bronzite Tumbled 1KG

    Bronzite is a protective, grounding crystal that is used to restore harmony and self confidence in situations where you feel overwhelmed or powerless. It is said to strengthens non-judgmental discernment,...
  • Gold Sandstone Tumbled 1KG

    Goldstone is a man-made crystal. It is said to help one attain one's goals and to stay calm and stabilize the emotions. It can be used as an energy generator...
  • Crazy Lace Tumbled 1KG

    Crazy Lace Agate is called the Laughter Stone, or "Happy Lace." It is associated with sunny Mexican fiestas and dancing, and brings joy to those who wear it. It is...
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