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Buy Rose Quartz

Shop Rose Quartz Online in Australia

If you’re looking to buy rose quartz, you’ll find the finest range at Aus Crystals. We offer an extensive selection of rose quartz products including tumbled and rough stones, polished hearts, orgonite pyramids and pods, pendants and chip bracelets, quartz trees, rose quartz runes and more.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It emits a strong vibration of love, joy and emotional healing and can be used to promote kindness and compassion while being calming and reassuring. It can be used to encourage giving and receiving of all kinds of love including self love, friendship, romantic love, inner healing, peace, forgiveness, and empathy.

Rose quartz is the most important crystal for the heart chakra. It encourages the true essence of selfless love, opening and purifying the heart chakra and allowing positive energies to flow free without fear or judgement. These free-flowing love energies are great for building and maintaining relationships, healing rifts and promoting mutual understanding and empathy and inspiring compassion and kindness. Rose quartz can also provide comfort during times of grief, dispelling negative energies and replacing them with loving vibes.

The positive energies that rose quartz helps to promote can be powerful tools for self healing and self love. They can help with self-forgiveness, bolster confidence and self-esteem and encourage self-love.

We stock a range of the finest rose quartz and Crystals and Gemstones, ethically sourced and ready for shipping Australia-wide. Browse the selection online or visit our showroom today. We can do deals on bulk purchases and offer free shipping for orders over $200.