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Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a powerful stone renowned for its powers of protection, cleansing and rebalancing. It can draw out negative emotions and energies, including stress and tension, and replace them with feelings of positivity, confidence and self-control. It can help you to dissolve emotional blockages and traumas, cleanse your aura, let go of the past and face up to your true self. It has powerful metaphysical properties that can shield you from negativity, release fears and phobias and promote compassion and strength.

Because of its ability to absorb negative energies, it brings clarity of mind and helps to clear confusion. The stone’s protective and strengthening powers are great for facing change, exploring the unknown and opening yourself up to new possibilities.

Black obsidian is also an excellent grounding stone. It can help to move excess energy down via the earth star chakra through a strong resonance with the base or root chakra. This can help to ground you in the present moment, experience a powerful connection to the earth and clear the path for new beginnings and personal growth.

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