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Clear Quartz Bead Bracelet 8mm/10mm

Stunning Quality Clear Quartz Beaded Bracelet with elastic and 8mm or 10mm beads. Clear Quartz is thought to be one of the most powerful cleansing and clearing precious stones. It is known to be an excellent energy amplifier, perfect for gridding and clearing spaces for divinatory purposes. Clear quartz can be used in a various amount of ways as it is an extremely versatile stone. It can be used in divination for clarity and cleansing, it is also thought to assist in healing by transmuting many negative energy frequencies to the highest possible level they can achieve. They are thought to embody the white spiritual light and is capable of clearing any chakra however connects mostly with the crown and third eye chakras. Being so strong it can be thought to create a protective barrier around the spiritual body and in some part – the physical, blocking out negative energies and expanding the human energy.