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Psychic Show 7th May 1pm to 3pm

Join us for our first Psychic Show at Aus Crystals and we bet you are going to love it.
When: Saturday 7th May 2022
Time: 1pm to 3pm
Investment: $50 
Where: Aus Crystals.

Kerry is a Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant and Crystal Ball reader who provides personal or distance readings and other Psychic services using various deep focus and concentration methods at her disposal.

Kerry’s unique skills are a special gift handed down by her mother Margaret. Margaret was strongly psychic, and Kerry continues her legacy of excellence in psychic services.

The voices Kerry hears, the energy she feels, the focus she gets began manifesting themselves through her 20’s and 30’s. In her 40’s, she is now one of the most pre-eminent, honest and accurate psychics in the southern hemisphere, located in Melbourne Australia.

According to her highly loyal customers Kerry has a remarkable talent to ‘channel and communicate’ deceased family and friends, provide accurately predictive ‘readings’ on future events in your life and conduct group based ‘crossing overs’.

She provides these services throughout Australia and internationally and you can be entirely comfortable that absolute confidentiality, honesty and integrity is assured.