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Events at Aus Crystals

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain.  


Do you need Clarity? 

Are you seeking a clear view for your next path or your next step?  

Are you feeling unsure? 

Would you like to understand yourself or a family member better? 

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, unfocussed? 

Do you have loss of sleep, low energy? 

Do your Home / Business lack the positive energy it should have? 

Do you feel an earthbound soul attachment.?  

All the questions can be answered in one beautifully detailed Akashic Record reading.   


Join Amie for a FREE info session, May 29, 11am to 12noon followed by an open session for questions, discussion and bookings.  

 During this session Amie will explain the Akashic Records in detail and answer any question you may have.  

 Her non-contact Akashic record readings give you a beautifully detailed explanation about your soul’s purpose and all your souls blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from being anything but your true divine self.  

 Here is what one of Amie's clients had to say after having all family members and their property Akashic readings and clearing.  

“From the moment we booked Amie in for our Soul clearing and readings we could feel how genuine and kind she was. We were very happy after the soul clearings were complete. We could feel the difference in a very positive way. We are very grateful to have found Amie it’s made a huge difference in our lives.” Eve & Archie.  

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New Earth Manifestation - Sound & Energy Healing Meditation

Saturday 5th June @ Aus Crystals

Sound Meditation at Aus Crystals Sound & Energy Healing Meditation

11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Aus Crystals Workshop Room

Are you drawn to be an active and positive part of creating new and wonderful ways of being?

Do the present ways of this world leave you wanting something better?
Here's a wonderful way to be a part of all that...
Combining the powers of Sound Healing and Crystal Pranic Healing augments and intensifies the energies associated with healing. We have experienced an almost instant clearing of stagnant and old energies by doing so.
As you work on yourself during this guided process, you add to the collective in a positive way, which in turn influences how we collectively energise the Earth's (Gaia's) evolution. Gaia is changing and we are being presented with choices on either aligning with her changes or not.
The time frame in which to decide is rapidly ending...
Included is the releasing of all that no longer serves your highest good and the creation of the next highest version of yourself. This creative process allows for both the individual and collective 'next highest versions' to be manifested.
Incorporating Intuitive Sound Healing, Crystal Pranic Healing, Meditation, a Sacred Mantra and the engagement of certain Ascended Masters, Archangels, Spirit Guides and other high vibrational Beings of Light.
Experience the healing power of crystal singing bowls, Solfeggio pipes, gongs, Shaman drum, ocean drum and a sacred mantra utilising your intention. 

Tickets via Eventbrite 

BYO yoga mat/cushion.

2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Awakening Your 4th Dimensional Chakras

The awakening of your 4D or 4th Dimensional chakras needs to be a gentle and gradual process over a long period of time, and will be different for each person. The physical body is unable to handle too much of these high frequency vibrations too soon, hence why we prepare you before starting the new activations.
In this powerful healing session, we engage with highly evolved Beings of Light including your Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters to tailor the healing just for you.
We bring in healing breathwork, we help you cleanse, clear, repair and rejuvenate your auric field and remove negative attachments. We help you to control your auric field and to define your personal space, within which only your energy then resides.
We remove or cut all etheric cords that are drawing energy from you. These happen whenever we engage with certain people, and are often not felt consciously except in the form of feeling tired or drained for no apparent reason.
We then clear and open up your body’s internal energy flow by first cleansing your Meng Mein Chakra (located behind your navel). This acts as a filter and facilitates the smooth transference of Prana or Life Force between your major chakras.
Your major chakras are then cleared, cleansed, balanced and rejuvenated and stabilised using crystal singing bowls and Crystal Pranic healing.
We then help expand your awareness and engage with your 8th to 15th chakras, which reside in the 4th Dimensional state of consciousness, in a guided process. These chakras open up as you shift your levels of awareness and will be unique to you.
This is a vital step in our evolution to a 5th Dimensional state of consciousness. It is a process of re-activation – for we have been here before.
Everyone is being given opportunities to embrace this change and it is up to each individual to take this step. Will you take yours now?
We end the session with a Sacred Mantra which carries its own healing power, and helps cement the changes made.
BYO Yoga mat / cushion

$38 pp bookings essential.

Tickets via Eventbrite

BYO yoga mat/cushion.