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Crystal Wellbeing Pack- Medium

with White Sage Smudge Stick Medium Size 🌿  *Lavender not Included*
👉calming and soothing crystal, working on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes to promote calmness, balance and peace. Helping you to ‘switch off’ negative and disruptive thought patterns, this stone can aid meditation practices and support deep restful sleep. By opening and activating the crown and third eye chakras amethyst can enhance intuitive and psychic powers, connecting you on a deeper level with your spirituality.
👉Decorate your space or surround yourself with the soothing vibration of fluorite. It allows you to distinguish between outside influences and higher guidance. Fluorite is excellent in cleansing and stabilising the aura. A stone for focus and clarity of the mind, fluorite can stimulate the third eye to heighten intuition and give you a clear view of your own hopes and aspirations making it an excellent stone for meditation.
White Sage Smudge Stick 🌿
White sage has been considered a sacred, cleansing, purifying, and protective plant. Used in rituals and ceremonies for centuries, white sage is often burned in a ritual known as smudging. Smudging is a cleansing ceremony used to rid a person, space or object of negative energy or even bad spirits. Sage emits negative ions and our aura holds positive ions. Through the smudging process we can neutralise our aura or the energy of other spaces and objects to cleanse and renew.

Total Weight of the pack approx 200gm.
Pack Includes 1 Amethyst, 1 Fluorite, 1 Rainbow Moonstone and 1 White Medium Sage.
Each crystal is approx 4-5cm in size.
This product is organically grown and sourced from sustainable farms.