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Trollite Tumbled Stones



Purchase a crystal tumble and start a fulfilling crystal journey...
Tumbled Stones are small, shiny & polished Crystals. Due to their petite and portable size, people often purchase tumbled stones as a way to keep crystals around them 24/7. Tumbled stones are commonly one of the first crystals, collectors buy, as they are small, easy to observe & take a soothing shape. These magical little crystals are smooth & cool to touch and possess beautiful energy in such a small stone. They also can be used to make wellness products such as crystal candles, jewellery and sprays. 

A calming and soothing stone. With it's beautiful blue hues, it is nurturing and kind, this crystal can help you to connect to your spirituality. It also allows for space for you to acknwledge your deeper intuition, to see things for how they are, whilst letting go of stress.


1pc: 1 x Tumbled Stone

*Our team will personally pick the best quality tumbled